Digital mapping experts with +30 years of experience
MapsPeople is a subscription-based SaaS company with two primary revenue streams; MapsIndoors and Google Maps. MapsIndoors is the rising star in the MapsPeople business, and in 2023, it is expected to constitute ~86% of total ARR.

MapsIndoors, a market-leading indoor mapping platform
MapsIndoors is an indoor mapping platform that is easily integrated into customers’ own apps. With MapsIndoors, customers seamlessly navigate indoors and between outdoor and indoor. With MapsIndoors, employee productivity is improved, fan experience reaches new levels, and passengers are guided to the right gate. MapsIndoors is an indoor mapping platform containing all necessary interfaces for deep integration with internal and external live data sources and is a key element in the user's daily tools.

Strong synergies between Google Maps and MapsIndoors
As a Google Premier Partner, MapsPeople provides Google Maps licenses and services for companies wishing to integrate Google Maps in their own products, websites, apps, or business systems. MapsIndoors and the Google Maps business are greatly synergetic, and Google Maps customers frequently recognize how MapsIndoors can further elevate their business.

MapsIndoors is a significant value-add to many industries
MapsIndoors is an indoor mapping platform used in a variety of different indoor locations. The MapsIndoors platform is easily integrated into customers' own apps to help employees book a table or meeting room at the office, the audience to find their seats at the stadium, patients to navigate the hospital, or customers to find a specific tool in the hardware store.

The primary MapsIndoors vertical is corporate offices. Here, MapsIndoors improves productivity and satisfaction by supporting employees to find an available desk, printer, meeting room, or colleague. Additionally, MapsIndoors cuts costs for employers as they can optimize office space with more and more employees working from home.

MapsIndoors has experienced immense ARR growth

120% yearly compound annual ARR growth
The MapsIndoors ARR has increased by 970% from January 2018 to January 2021 corresponding to a CAGR of 120%.

Attractive DKK 16.6m ARR
MapsIndoors ARR grew from DKK 8.8m in January 2020 to DKK 16.6m in January 2021 corresponding to an impressive 88% growth in 12 months.

113% MapsIndoors growth rate the next three years

The MapsIndoors ARR is expected to grow by 85% in 2021, reaching DKK 32m in December 2021 and DKK 160m in 2023.

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